July 14th, 2014

Episode 1 - Angela Dee vs John Murray



Today’s contestants are:

In this episode!

- Learn the exciting origin story of Angela Dee!
- Find out what Martha Stewart’s niece does for a living!
- Hear Andy and Ramsey threaten to kill their contestants!

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Follow the full tournament with the bracket!

Andy Beckerman and I have been working on a super-fun game show podcast for the last month or so and the first episode is finally here!

It’s called “Snap Impression,” and basically we force funny people to do impressions of celebrities on the spot. There’s three rounds with a winner at the end who moves on in the Season One tournament! (It’s got a March Madness bracket and everything!)

You’re gonna love it. There’s no iTunes link yet, but there will be, so until then you can copy and paste this link into whatever podcatcher you use or click the link above and listen to the first episode! Do it!

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Podcasts! I’m on ‘em!

As you all know, I co-host the weekly podcast Wonderful, Thanks with my dear friend Adam Maid. But what if that’s not enough hearing-my-voice for you, this week I appeared on all kinds of podcasts that I want to plug!

Things Are Happening is a weekly topical podcast featuring me, Erik Tanouye, Eddie Brawley, Kevin Hines and Will Hines. It’s short and sweet (18 minutes!) and is very funny.

Cheers is a podcast hosted by Chris Morgan and his brother Jeff, and this week, for episode 38: “A Very Special Episode of Blossom,” they asked me to join in. Give it a listen!

July 21st, 2011

Wonderful, Thanks - Video Episode

Over at my podcast, Wonderful, Thanks, I’ve uploaded a special video episode that takes place at my wedding reception. Why not subscribe and take a look at what me and my wife looked like on our special day, but more importantly, what my friend Adam Maid looked like.

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